Thursday, May 30, 2013


So Avi turned 10 this month!!!  AAAHHHH how did I get so old!!!  We don't do parties every year, so it seams like the even years work great after they turn 5.  Speaking of her turning 5, we did the same party (pretty much) for this party as that one.  If you want to be refreshed, you go look it up :)  I was a little slow on the planning, so we ended up trying to fit it where we could.  We did it on a Saturday morning, and while we waited for the straggler girls to show up, they played games.  I got the classic candy bar game for them and they had a blast. 

 Next it was off to the hair salon to get their hair and nails done.   They all loved being pampered for an hour or so. 

 I was sitting in the room with the girls while their nails were being done, and let me tell you I was scared!!!  They talk like tweens (I guess they are entitled to it since they are!!)  I kept thinking to myself when I had gotten so old. 

We came home for a BBQ for lunch.  Since there were 3  birthdays in their class during the week we weren't too excited about having cake or even cupcakes, so Avi requested Peanut Butter Cups.  Sadly Avi didn't end up with any candles to blow out this year, whoops.

We have found a wonderful thing near us, the outlets at Traverse Mountain.  We went a few weeks ago and checked out a few stores and were so excited to get so much stuff for so cheap, so during Memorial Day weekend, we stopped by for their even bigger deals.  While there we ended up getting most of our school shopping done, and got Avi her first bras.  AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I'm not that old, have I said that yet?  I really am having a hard time being ok with all of this, but it was time.  Avi has just started making us feel real old real fast.

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Our ABC Family said...

I can't believe she's 10!!! Happy Birthday Avi!!!